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    Our point and purpose is to believe in you, your team and your vision while we inspire others to believe in you too!



  • What we do.

    Believe ~ Create ~ Formulate ~ Demonstrate

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    Our belief is positively contagious!

    Because we believe in your vision of success we are able to support you in creating and cultivating your goals, your vision, your message and your process to point and position you to walk into your victory. 

  • About Us and You.

    Proof Point Management is a full service concierge style professional management services company serving individuals, organizations, enterprises and communities that desire and/or require discretionary management, advising and support while you cultivate your new idea, develop your strategy and/or overcome a recent challenge. 

    "We do for you and keep it there."

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    Supporting your vision, your talent, your dream or lifestyle needs. 

    Do you have a vision of yourself, your career or impact and need support getting there?


    Do you have a desire to achieve a professional or personal brand goal and need a team behind you?


    Have you created a product or service you plan to bring to market?


    Do you need discretion and quiet confidence in planning your next activity or event?

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    Team effort or group think? We still got you.

    Does your organization have a product or service you are looking to pilot, grow or scale?


    Are you an organizational leader or influencer that needs your team to function at a higher level of efficiency and impact?


    Do you realize something needs to change within your organization and culture but are uncertain where to start?


    Has a problem arrived at your door that you need quiet confidential support in navigating and managing? 

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    We know communities of all kinds need support too.

    Are you a HOA, Condo Board, Privately owned neighborhood or municipality?


    Does your community or group have a vision of change you need support clarifying and implementing?


    Is there a difficult conversation it would be beneficial to have an external partner facilitate?


    Are you desiring to deepen connections and strengthen relationships?


    Has race or cultural differences presented an opportunity and need to faciliate and/or mediate?